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Pamela K Beer ART



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Oil and Cold Wax on Panel
48 x 48 x 1.5

Scenes of Lakeside in my mind “Memories of Home.” Which is now my new home in Montana. 

I’m making new experiences everyday-enjoying nature, the countenance of my community, my church family, our property with all the animals, and the cacophony of bird song all day every day. 

We love it here, our return to country life after city living for 24 years. 

There are adjustments to be sure. Things are not as convenient as they once were. 

Some of that is economy and Covid aftermath but much of it is place. 

That’s OK though, the land, the people, the peace, and nature more than make up for it.

Bigfork is definitely a magical place and we are still so thrilled to be here. 

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