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Pamela K Beer ART



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Oil and Cold Wax on Panel
36 x 36 x 2

We had just returned from a road Trip to Seattle and my mind was on the things we had done. Much included trekking into the city for various appointments while there to visit mom in law in her group home. This reminds me of the buildings at Swedish Cherry Hill. 

As I was working on this “loose structures” series I just had to include something that felt like the cityscape we left behind.

To which I reflected: So much in life feels complicated but also beautiful when we show up for others in their last days or in their hour of need.

At which point I have tremendous respect for caregivers. People who have deep compassion for human life. Yes, life is so precious at all stages.

Yet we squander it on ruminating over our own selfish wants and forget that it doesn’t have to be complicated if we learn to appreciate this gift we have right before us before it is too soon gone.

This brings up so many feelings within me-I can’t say.

#cityscape #preciouslife #brightart #abstractart #fineart#artiststory

 #modernbuilding #modernarchitecture #painting #abstractpainting #abstractstructure #orangeandgray

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