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Pamela K Beer ART



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Oil and Cold Wax on Panel
36 x 36 x 2

Finding a home is complicated, but when you do you accept it for the little oddities and work to make it your own. This is my rendition of such an experience. We purchased a 40 year old house, and boy howdy does it have some quirks, but we are slowly making it our own. The kitchen has been updated and is now this delicious blue color. More of the journey to go and with each change it is becoming more charming than we found it. Our forever home.

I’m going to just sit here until I find my place-maybe metaphorically-home is not always a structure so much as a presence of mind. It should be a place where we are settled after our search. A place where we can feel safe at last from the world at large. A place where joy happens. That takes discipline and determination I think. Peace my friends-find you place.

#home #art #abstractpainting #paintingofhouses #abstractart#homedecorating #whitefishartgallery


#architecture #buildings #abstractpainting #abstractstructures 

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