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Pamela K Beer ART



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"Break Through" 48X48X1.5 oil and cold wax on wood panel.

We'd known for 3 months about the trek to "Going to the Sun" road in Glacier National Park. We live a mere 35 miles from the West Entrance and even for locals the park must be a schedule affair if you want to go early in the day. 

We have my sister in law visiting and last time she came in summer we didn't get to go all the way to Logan Pass because of road closures and work being done in the park. 

Though Steve and I have been there before, it is always a surprise to round a corner to yet another spectacular view. So much eye candy!

It's amazing and overwhelming to see the beauty of this place. I know that I cannot come close to doing it justice. About the best I can hope for is to capture the feeling of the drive and the breathtaking beauty of God's spectacular handiwork.

Though this painting has been in work for some time, my heart has been on the anticipation of this journey.

The day we went, it was a little misty and cloudy, then as we continued our journey the sun broke through and took our breath away. 

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