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Pamela K Beer ART



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Oil and Cold Wax on Panel
36 x 36 x 2

"As Things Come"

I ponder our lives now.

We relocated a year and half ago from a busy suburb to a small town in Montana. 

To say the least things are different.

Goods and services are at an excruciatingly reduced level. The power goes out frequently. 

I have learned how to drive a tractor and run a snow blower.

Restaurant food is average at best. 

But really, we have embraced these little things more as an adventure than an inconvenience. 

We get views that absolutely take our breath away. We are focused on relationships and community in a new way. 

We are calmer, more satisfied, connected, and feel a spiritual peace for the first time.

But the really important thing is-eggs are still pretty inexpensive;-).

#countryliving #oldbuildings #artiststory #abstractart

#yellowhouse #blueandyellow #church #house #abstractstructure #abstractpainting

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