Walk Among the Trees

Walk Among the Trees


In my art practice I vacillate between non objective work and different subjects, mostly scenery really. So it seems natural to make a series about trees. 

The feeling of settling or falling into autumnal spirit has gone with me to the studio these past couple of months and I have become enchanted by trees with mountains and rocks included, but mostly trees.

Walking among the evergreens here on a daily basis, no matter the weather puts my attitude aright and encourages a sense of gratitude as I spend time reflecting on the beauty around me and just breathing it all in.

From the Douglas to the Tamarack (here we call them Larch), their stature and majesty sway in the gentle breezes against the inescapably beautiful Montana skies that kiss the mountain range outside our home.

I do not have a tedious disposition when it comes to painting, preferring to create the feel of a place and interpretations of color rather than all the visual details.

So I painted my feelings for these giants who rely on one another for survival and for the mystery they hold.

Enjoy your own walk among the trees,


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