It's always the little things that make us happy. Have you ever thought about how satisfying it is to make something and stand back and look at it and say "wow, I did that." 

Believe it or not, as an artist sometimes I am amazed at what I make. 

That is certainly not the case in the midst of the making because creating art, yes even abstract art, takes a lot of process both externally and internally.

 In this little video here on instagram, I was humming along thinking I don't really like it. The colors...too much green and blue for me. I generally don't work that much with grassy green usually. My brain, all a tis-was over the whole matter.

Why ? I don't know, really. But it seems when I make something with those colors, I can't get excited enough.

In this one, I surprised myself just a little bit when I set it aside and saw scenery or mountains, or something familiar in it and then took it off the wall to press it further into submission. A Blue Expanse of sorts..what's this all about?

I stayed with the  blue green and left the red line in it because I love the contrast.

I asked others to tell me what they see or could they find a story in this piece. To which I received this comment..."AmAnfang war Der Knoten" which basically means "it all starts with a knot."

And that truly sums up how most paintings make it through the process...a knot in my mind, a knot on the canvas. Fine abstract weird! Am I right?

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