"Finding Hope and Purpose in the Midst of Chaos: The Artistic Journey"

"Finding Hope and Purpose in the Midst of Chaos: The Artistic Journey"

Life is challenging as there is so much chaos swirling around us with conflict on all levels. 

Of course then there are our own personal conflicts that we wrestle with every single day. 

I characterize these conflicts as lies that arrive in a multitude of forms; feeling like our own accomplishments are not enough, along with a daunting list of disappointments. 

Much of this comes from comparing oneself to others who seem like they’ve got it all together.

But  I know we are each made for a particular purpose. Sadly, we turn from our original purpose to embrace the next shiny object that does not satisfy and will inevitably turn out false and empty.

I have so many past scars and leftover evidence of searching for shiny object after shiny object that I often wonder how long it will take me to shed this prison of my own manufacture.

But then : I am reminded that I have been rescued and all it cost me was a turning back to what is true and good.

Out of all this came my wherewithal to make art. That I get to do this is a gift for which I am so very thankful.

And much like my fear and troubles, my

work starts out chaotic and uncertain. 

Then as I sit with it awhile and embrace wholly who I am meant to be then the rhythmic and beautiful chords begin to point to my bright hope for tomorrow. 

It is like that-not instant but with determination inevitably the doors of self made prisons open. 

I cherish this opening up of this gift. Then my desire is that what I do may bring hope where it is needed.

To which I pronounce…

"There is always hope, for when nothing else is left we have that." My version derived from from Jeremiah 29:11.

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