I’m quite fond of the term and the idea of “juxtapose” as in two things contrasting next to one another. I use it when talking about my art. 

Apparently I have used it enough that my adorable and sometimes quite funny husband has begun using the word.

You see, a few nights ago we had purchased some Chilean Sea Bass at Whole Foods Market. Now that is a very expensive fish if you din’t know that already.

 I was shocked he suggested for two reasons, one; he’s not a fish kind of guy normally and secondly; to pay that much-$29 a pound for Chilean Sea Bass-well you could have knocked me over with a feather.

But, I went along with it because I love a good fish having spent a significant amount of my childhood near water in Southern Florida and being exposed to the “if it swims we eat it kind of culture.”

So we cook up some delicious asparagus and this beautiful Sea Bass on the BBQ the other night. It was buttery and delicious worth every penny we paid for it.

I had warmed the dinnerware so we could plate our fine catch and sit down to a lovely table and enjoy said fish.

Well before I could turn around with the warm plates in hand, someone…who shall remain on my #$%^ list put the fish and asparagus on paper plates!

I was mortified and said so. He just snickered and then he said, “but sweetheart don’t you think the expensive fish is juxtaposed quite nicely on these dixie paper plates?

Well I snorted my drink and thus the obsession in the back of my mind with the name of this painting!

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